The Somali National university 1988

The Somali National university 1988

The Somali national university was established in 1954 in the trust territory of Somalia. It obtained official university status in 1969. The main university grounds were situated about six kilometres from the city centre. Here during institutions first thirty years the main campus was known as JAMACADA GAHEYR. In 1973 under the supreme revolutionary council (SPC). Programs and facilities were expanded. The SNU developed over the next twenty years into an institution of higher learning with 13 departments, 700 staff and over 15,000 students
Under the Somali revolutionary government the Minster of higher learning and culture established research centres in a number of cities with goal of developing regional economies. These learning centres were earmarked for employees from such a ministries as the ministry of agriculture and the ministry of livestock and forestry, management.



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